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"Nathan has a very centred, calm and deep presence. Allowing you to witness whatever is moving through you in a compassionate way, welcoming it back into your own wholeness. - Simone, Netherlands

6 Days • February 27 - March 4, 2020 - TBD, Vancouver, Canada Tickets/more info


3 Days • April 3 - 5, 2020 - TBD, Ajijic, Mexico Tickets/more info

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'AWAKEN YOUR BODY, CONNECT WITH YOUR HEART' retreats are designed to transform and support you in the discovery of the truth of your being and remind you that the answer is nowhere but within. It is an opportunity to awaken and drop deeply into your body using Bioenergetic Breathwork, body De-armouring (internal and external), Energetic Ecstatic Experiences (full body energy “orgasms”), daily sound baths, moving meditations and written inquiries. These retreats are for all beings: woman, men, LGBTQ+, singles and partners. 

During the retreat we will…


Learn to trust, allow and surrender to our body wisdom and tacit knowledge.

Gently move through and transform our somatic and energetic blockages, stored emotions, sexual traumas, fears and anxieties. 

Strengthen our vagal tone (vagus nerve) using sound, breath and cold showers taking us out of our “fight and flight” and into our “rest and restore” parasympathetic nervous system. 

Reach altered states of consciousness by experiencing ‘cosmic bliss states’.

Awaken areas of the body which have become energetically or physically de-sensitized by reconnecting with our ‘felt state’. 

Discuss healthy and mature masculine/feminine behaviors, learn how to embody them and bring them into our relationships.

Practice presence and ‘involved detachment’ when giving and receiving.

Strengthen our intuition and ‘observation without projection’.

Explore fun and play through dance.