Holland - June 19 - 27, 2021

The Awaken Your Body, Connect With Your Heart retreat is designed to transform and support you in the discovery of the truth of your being. It is an opportunity to awaken and drop deeply into your body using Bioenergetic Breathwork, Body De-armouring (self, external and optional internal), Energetic Ecstatic Experiences (full body energy “orgasms”), daily sound baths and body awareness meditations. Each day has a different theme and is intertwined with dance, breathwork and interactive self-reflective exercises. This retreat is for all beings: women, men, non-binary, LGBTQ+, singles or partners and will be held in English at Innessence Retreat Centre.

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890 € - 1st tier early-bird special - 10 available

1025 € - 2nd tier early-bird - 10 available

1.290 € - Regular price

Spaces are limited and are expected to sell out. 

Payment plans are available. Scroll to bottom for reservation details.



All meals (organic & vegan)


Shared: 2 to 3 people maximum 

Private: Single or double bed (add 250€) 

All rooms have private bathrooms.

Check-in: June 19 - 14:00 to 16:00

Check-out: June 27 - Noon

In these 7 days we will…

Strengthen our vagal tone (vagus nerve) using sound, breath and cold showers. This will take us out of our “fight, flight, freeze” (sympathetic nervous system) and into our “rest, digest, restore” (parasympathetic nervous system).

Awaken areas of the body which have become energetically or physically de-sensitized by reconnecting with our ‘felt state’.

Gently move through and transform our somatic and energetic blockages, stored emotions, sexual traumas, fears and anxieties.

Learn to trust, allow and surrender to our body wisdom and tacit knowledge.

​Reach altered states of consciousness by experiencing ‘cosmic bliss states’.

​Explore healthy and mature masculine/feminine behaviors, learn how to embody them and bring them into our relationships.​

Practice presence and ‘involved detachment’ when giving and receiving.​

Strengthen our intuition and ‘observation without projection’.

​Explore fun and play through dance.

Bioenergetic Breathwork (every morning)

Conscious breathing has long been used as a gateway to the subconscious. When done in a safe environment, deep/full, circular, in-and-out of the mouth breathing sends signals to our brain and peripheral nervous system that help rebalance our somatic system and support the movement and release of our deeply-rooted physical, emotional and energetic blockages.

For an example of the breathwork we will experience each morning, please watch this video.

Sound Healing / Gong baths by Luisa Alba Gaab (every night)…

A sound bath is a group healing experience that uses gongs, bowls and voice to induce a meditative state making it possible for internal healing and insight to take place. The intention is to help balance the chakras, clear the mind and gently release stuck emotions and blocked energy that no longer serves us. Sound healing can help reduces stress, increases sleep quality, unlock creativity, release endorphins and relieve anxiety and depression.

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Luisa Alba Gaab

Self De-armouring and Partnered De-armouring

Have you been shamed, abandoned, manipulated, violated or experienced violence? Are you subject to negative thought-patterns or conditioning? Do you breathe shallowly, hold your breath or avoid sighing with sound? Over time such experiences, patterns and styles of breath create and augment what is referred to as body or muscular armour.


All of us carry around such armour which negatively affects our vagus nerve (vagal tone), hinders the flow of our life force or sexual energy and depresses our ability to connect and be vulnerable. De-armouring is a dynamic ancient modality that uses shaking or focused pressure (similar to acupressure or pressure pointing) to support the release of this armour and help rebalance our body.

Click here for more video.

Energetic Ecstatic Experience

Originating from venerable systems of energy practices such as Reiki or Chi gong, an Energetic Ecstatic Experience (often described as a full body energy “orgasm”) is a way to deepen our connection with self and liberate our sexual / creative / life force energy. It is an intuitive based, dynamic process that activates our parasympathetic nervous system, strengthens our vagal tone (vagus nerve) and helps us reconnect with our energetic body. This once esoteric system is now considered a path towards expanded consciousness and method to reach profound states of pleasure and joy for all.

Click here for more video.

External Genital & Internal De-armouring

External genital and internal De-armouring are sacred modalities aimed at releasing armour or stored trauma in the inguinal / pubic region, i.e. the yoni (vagina), lingam (penis) and anus. Similar to external armour, when we experience sexual abuse (physical or emotional), shaming or suppression of our sexual desires or orientation, inner or external genital armour is created. This type of armour often presents itself in and around the genitals as sensation loss, muscle contraction, tension or restriction, or as a numb, dry, tender area. It can greatly affect our ability to experience orgasm, felt connection to our genitals, our creativity, self expression and ability to connect with our power. It is important to note that yoni, lingam or anus de-armouring is not a sexual massage. Learn more about external genital and internal de-armouring here.


*Note: both of these experiences are optional. If you are feeling unready to participate in these experiences there will be absolutely no pressure to participate and instead you will be invited to go deeper into self de-armouring or external body de-armouring or the Energetic Ecstatic Experiences with another participant who feels similar.



If you are pregnant, suffer from serious anxiety, depression or a diagnosed/undiagnosed mental disorder, have a heart condition, glaucoma or have recently had a major operation please inform us ahead of time. De-armouring & Energetic Ecstatic Experiences are always done in pairs yet it is not necessary to come with a partner. Furthermore, both practices can be done with the same or opposite sex.


Fill out the form below. Upon submission you will receive an e-mail with details on how to secure your spot. Places are limited and are expected to sell out.

If you do not receive a e-mail right away, please check your junk mail folder. If still nothing, please let me know. 

Disclaimer: You must be 18 years of age or older to attend this retreat. All participants are responsible for their mental and physical well being throughout this retreat. We reserve the right prior to or during the retreat to deny or terminate participation in the retreat if 1) non-consensual acts have taken place. 2) if we feel you are mentally unfit for the deep work that will take place during the retreat. I am not a medical doctor. This retreat is not meant to cure, treat or replace medical prescriptions or treatments administered or presented by your physician or psychiatrist. If you are seeing a doctor or psychiatrist please ask them if this this retreat is right for you.


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