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Have you experienced violence, been shamed, abandoned, manipulated or violated? Are you subject to negative thought-patterns or conditioning? Do you breathe shallowly, hold your breath or avoid sighing with sound? Over time such experiences, patterns and styles of breath create and augment what is referred to as body or muscular armour.


All of us carry around such armour which negatively affects our vagus nerve (vagal tone), hinders the flow of our life force or sexual energy and depresses our ability to connect and be vulnerable. De-armouring is a dynamic ancient modality that uses shaking or focused pressure (similar to acupressure or pressure pointing) to support the release of this armour and help rebalance our body. For historical information, please visit the History page.



Sessions always begin with space-holding which offers the receiver an opportunity to share what is actively alive in their body and mind. This is in fact vocal de-armouring which begins 'knocking at the door' of ones armour - a gentle and effective first step. 


After clear boundary setting the receiver lays on their back on a comfortable floor mat. Using fingers, thumbs, elbows and while sometimes shaking, steady pressure is placed on the heart (sternum), lower ribs, stomach (lumbar region), hips (iliac spine), solar plexus and jaw to name a few. Continuous steady pressure to these areas and along the bodies meridians stimulate energy flow and pave the way for the armour's release. The process of de-armouring can trigger many things including feelings of grief, anger, guilt, shame and somatic expressions such as shaking, crying, screaming, humming, yawning or laughter. Please watch the videos below and visit the Testimonial page to hear what others have to say.


Internal De-armouring is a sacred modality aimed at releasing armour or stored trauma in the inguinal / pubic region, i.e. the yoni (vagina), lingam (penis - although not internal) and anus. Similar to external armour, when we experience sexual abuse (physical or emotional), shaming or suppression of our sexual desires or orientation, inner armour is created. This type of armour often presents itself in and around the genitals as sensation loss, muscle contraction, tension or restriction, or as a numb, dry, tender area. It can greatly affect our ability to experience orgasm, felt connection to our genitals; our creativity, self expression and ability to connect with our power. For more information, please visit the History page.



It is important to note that yoni, lingam or anus de-armouring is not a sexual massage and is only considered for those who have received multiple sessions of External De-armouring. Furthermore, all sessions begin with very clear boundary-setting - an extremely important aspect of this experience. Space is then held for the receiver to express any past traumas that may relate to the pubic area. Once these aspects have been communicated, the internal process can begin.


Internal de-armouring is always received on the floor using a large comfortable mat. Session begin with relaxation techniques such as connective breath and Reiki. Once the receiver is fully relaxed and ready, their full permission is asked before touch and a second time before entering. If receiving internally, the yoni or anus is entered with a lubricated, gloved finger. Once inside, the finger moves 'around the clock' seeking sensitivities or sensations such as burning, numbness or areas of general discomfort. Steady, gentle pressure is held on these areas until there is a release. If receiving lingam de-armouring, the area on or around the scrotum and penis is pressed, pulled or squeezed seeking any sensitive muscles or tendons. 


Internal de-armouring is a powerful process that can trigger feelings of shame, guilt, fear and anger. Somatic release can be in the form of shaking, crying, screaming, humming and laughter.


 Please visit the Testimonial page to hear what others have to say.


Must be 18+ to receive external or internal De-armouring. I am not a medical doctor. De-armouring sessions are not meant to cure or treat disease, or replace medical prescriptions or treatments administered or presented by your physician. If at any time you become concerned with your physical or mental health, please see your physician.


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