Using breath to re-balance our somatic and energetic systems is rooted in Eastern yogic Pranayama practices such as Kapalabhati, Ujjay, Nadi Shodhana and Kumbhaka. Today however, (since 1940) we have seen neo breath methods, (perhaps a sign of our evolutionary path?) arise such as Holotropic and Rebirthing, both which began in the 60's - 70's ultimately pioneered by Wilhelm Reich in the 40's - 50's. It was Alexander Lowen however, a student of Reich, who introduced Bioenergetic Breathing. Today, more recent methods such as Wim Hof are now using scientific tests to show/prove the immense power of our breath.


External De-armouring is a merging of ancient techniques of the 'Shaker Shamans' and today's science of Bioenergetics. Its roots date back to 1250 B.C.E. when medicine people from all over Turtle Island (North America) formed a society called the Rattlesnake School Of Turtle Island, known today as the Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders.


De-armouring originated in the ancient ceremonial healing ways of the Twisted Hair Elders. It was traditionally performed by several Twisted Hair Grandmothers (Shaker Shamans) who guided by their intuition used their hands to vibrate the body while specific pressure points were being stimulated. 


Today, external de-armouring is rooted in the work of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Reich's idea of 'muscular armour' influenced innovations such as body psychotherapy and a technique called bioenergetic analysis which was founded by Alexander Lowen, a student of Reich. 


Internal De-armouring also has a deep history in ancient cultures. Although it is unclear the exact lineage it based from (if any), many of the paleo cultures incorporated this sacred practice in their healing circles. Today, it is considered a form of Myofascial release which is a holistic, alternative healing therapy rooted in the works of Elizabeth Dicke (Connective Tissue Therapy), Ida Rolf (Rolfing) and Janet G. Travell (trigger points).


Based on ancient systems of energy healing such as Qigong and Reiki, Energetic Ecstatic Experience is an neo energetic practice that circulates / amplifies your Qi or life force energy, also known as your sexual energy. It's worth noting that in ancient native cultures 'life force energy' was considered the same as your 'sexual energy'. Wilhelm Reich referred to this energy as Orgone.​ Unlike Reiki and Qigong however, the purpose of an Experience is to move this energy from the lower chakras up to the crown to allow for a full body energy "orgasm" experience.

It is unclear where and when this specific style of energy work actually originated. Today, many individuals and practitioners call this Tantra. It is important to point out however, with the exception of one lineage of Paleo-Tantra called Kaula which taught sensual practices, there were absolutely no physical techniques aimed at giving or prolonging orgasm etc. in any of the Tantras (i.e. tantric texts). If you would like to learn more about Tantra's rich paleo history, I would recommend a book entitled Tantra Illuminated by Christopher D. Wallis.


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